6 Minor Harry Potter Characters Who Deserve Novel-Length Standalone Stories

I’m in a car on a ten-hour roadtrip and I forgot to write my piece in advance. This is the result of my forgetfulness.

1. Gilderoy Lockhart

We all know Gilderoy Lockhart as the arrogant, insufferable professor who Obliviates heroes and takes credit for their work. But he’s also gorgeous and purportedly charismatic – so what made him take the obliviation route?

We know that memory charms are strong, difficult magic, so Lockhart was evidently a gifted wizard. He certainly didn’t lack work ethic since he went to the trouble of tracking these people down to steal their accolades. What, then, Gilderoy, made you take this route instead of pursuing an honestly-come-by heroism?

Show me hot young Gilderoy succumbing to his crueler impulses. Give me his becoming. And cast him as Jeremy Dufour.

2. Sibyll Trelawney

Before the cooking sherry, before Umbridge’s humiliation, before she rasped out the prophecy that would seal Harry Potter’s fate… what was Sibyll Trelawney up to?

Did she always aspire to be a Seer, to live up to her great-great grandmother Cassandra’s legacy? We know from Pottermore that she married once and was promptly divorced after refusing to take his surname, which speaks to a self-possession only hinted at beneath the shawls and hystrionics of adult Trelawney.

I want to see Sibyll as a young, enterprising Seer – maybe a charlatan, maybe not – learning how to seduce the world with her vocal sleight-of-hand. And cast her as Juno Temple.

3. James Potter

Everything we know of James Potter, we know through the lens of others’ memories. We see him as a shitty teenager and a doting husband and father. But his story is fascinating: the son of wealth thanks to his family’s development of Sleakeazy’s Hair Potion, James lived a life of privilege and ease. His blood was pure, his family respected, and he loved hard.

Show me the young adult James. Give me the James Potter in the unexpected twilight of his life, a powerful enough wizard to master animagus magic and fight alongside the Order of the Phoenix. I want the James who had mellowed and matured, who trusted his friends implicitly and loved his wife fiercely. The James who was only 21 when he died, and already a father and husband.

… I’m maybe already tearing up a little. Give me that beautiful tragedy. And cast him as Arthur Gosse.

4. Minerva McGonagall

We all know Minnie was a Scottish badass who took no shit and kept an entire castle full of pubescent teenagers witches and wizards in line. She was also Dumbledore’s number two, which speaks volumes… But what else was she?

We know she was born in Scotland, has two brothers, and had a muggle minister as a dad. That alone is fodder for an interesting story. But she also had a broken engagement to a muggle man, and a brief marriage to a prominent ministry official that ended with Minerva widowed.

Minnie had a full life full of dramatique romances, intense professional success at the ministry and Hogwarts, and fought in both great wizarding wars. Make this a series, Netflix. And cast Michelle Fairley.

5. Ludo Bagman

Ludo Bagman is, along with Viktor Krum, one of the rare glimpses we get into the superstar lives of Quidditch players. Hailed as the ‘greatest Beater the Wimbourne Wasps ever had,’ Bagman worked at the ministry when we met him, gambling on the side and being rakishly charming.

I wanna see Ludo in his heyday – pulling broom bunnies, gambling away his massive paychecks, living the fast and loose life of Quidditch stardom. His could be a graphic novel with Ludo as the unexpected hero who uses his flying prowess and impressive upper body strength to somehow save both the day and the British & Irish Quidditch League all at once.

And cast him as Chris Pratt.

6. Pandora Lovegood

This character is only known to us by name in the books, since Pandora – Luna Lovegood’s mother – died before we ever meet Luna. But something tells me Pandora must’ve been a really amazing woman to create someone like Luna.

I want to see her and Xeno, young and in love, starting out and creating a household filled with magic and nargles and an unshakeable belief in the unknowable. And cast her as Lily James.

Who of Rowling’s characters do you want to see more of? Got better casting suggestions? Tell me, please, I am always down to discuss anything HP. Xoxo, Grace

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