August Challenge: Daily Meditation

It’s the first of August which means it’s the HTLYT birthday month (Leos and Virgos together forever) and also time for a new monthly challenge.

This month, we’ll be focusing on meditation.


According to a study by the American Psychiatric Association, millennials are the most anxious generation. And no frickin’ wonder – we have higher debt rates, fewer job options, and less stability than the generations before us. Things are tough and marijuana is still mostly illegal. We can’t afford destressers like ‘massages’ and ‘therapy.’ So how the hell are we supposed to relax?

Enter meditation.

It has roughly one billion benefits for both mind and body, ranging from better sleep to better eating habits to sharply reduced anxiety. It’s sort of like all the positives of the gym without any of the physical effort. … Or the six-pack payoff. And all it takes is five to ten minutes of your time.

I know – I totally know. Five minutes seems doable, but five minutes, every day, consistently? That shit’s hard. Especially those of us with weird, unpredictable schedules, or small people in our care who require constant supervision. But this is important. This is for you. This is… say it with me… self care.

Just like our July Instagram-a-day challenge, our August meditation challenge is for you. You’re out there every day, doing your best and harboring stress. Sometimes you might lay awake at night, unable to find sleep and instead thinking of all the things you haven’t done, all the things you have to do, all the things you could’ve done if you weren’t so damn tired. Life is hard. Learning how to be an adult is hard – it’s fucking hard. And burnout is real.

Don’t burn out. You deserve better. Your mind, your body, all of it – be nice to it. Nurture it. Let it be quiet for five minutes a day, let it sit and rest. Light a favorite candle, play soft music, dim the lights. Be alone with yourself. Learn your thoughts. Appreciate yourself. Think about the things that make you great, think about the amazing feats of your mind and body. You deserve to take care of yourself.

For this challenge, I’ll be using an app called Headspace. It’s free to download and the first few meditation packs are free. Do them with me and tell me how it goes – I wanna hear how daily (or semi-daily) meditation is changing your day-to-day! You can use the hashtags #htlytaugustchallenge or #htlytmeditation to check in through the month of August, or keep a log and show it off at the start of September.

However you do it, whether it’s app-led or totally on your own, sitting in a chair in your backyard or cross-legged chanting om, is the right way. … Unless you’re watching Netflix while you do it. That’s the wrong way.

Love you, mean it, and happy meditating.

xoxo, Grace

image courtesy of dingzeyu

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