How to Introduce Yourself

It all started with a pair of pink Aldo glitter shoes.

You might remember Kim from my gushy post last year. She’s one of my best friends and also someone I’ve never met in person. (The future is here, and it’s weird.) She has long been one of my greatest cheerleaders, and she’s also an amazing woman. When HTLYT became too much for me to shoulder alone, she believed in the brand enough to want to carry the burden with me.

And so we’re back for round two with a new cast of faces, kind of like Degrassi except without Nina Dobrev’s weird teen mom plot.

In this iteration of How to Learn Your Twenties, we are going to serve you a more cohesive, helpful slate of articles, like:

  1. How-To’s

It’s about time we capitalized on our blog name and started teaching twenty-somethings how to do things they might not know. We’re going to touch on topics ranging from doing your laundry to understanding supreme court decisions to arguing with your significant other. Wanna know how to do something but don’t trust Google to tell you? Ask! We’ll be covering how-to’s based on requests, too. This blog is for you.

2. Monthly Challenges

At the start of every month, we’ll be leading challenges to improve your outlook on life. Things like meditation, selfies, and self-care will be the general modus operandi, but we might mix it up every once in awhile and ask you to really step outside your comfort zone – anyone down to learn Japanese with us?

3. Listicles/humor

Sometimes, you just wanna unwind. We’ll help you get there by providing quality content on subjects that matter, like what makeup trends we hate and rankings of Harry Potter characters and scholarly reviews of erotic fanfiction. … Also some other much cooler stuff.

4. Ask HTLYT

WE WANNA ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS! Since not everyone gets a kick out of researching and editing articles, we decided to shoulder the burden and bring you the answers to stuff you wanna know in a way you can understand it. It’s not that you’re dumb, it’s just that you don’t have time to condense an 8-page article into something you care about. We get it. We’ll do it for you. So please, please submit via our contact page, @ us on Instagram or Twitter, or send us a carrier pigeon and ask us anything that will help you learn your twenties.

5. Reviews

Clearly we are tastemakers. Clearly you want our opinions on stuff. Don’t worry – you’ll get it. We’ll be reviewing media, products, and occasionally people, all honest, all unsponsored, all unbiased. At least until we start getting sponsorship offers, in which case, you’re on your own, suckas.


We really hope that this blog becomes a place that you can come to unwind – to learn, to laugh, to feel motivated, to feel less alone. In this age of social media, it’s somehow easier to feel isolated even in a sea of cyberconnections. We don’t want that for you. Instead, let us be your pocket friends; read our thoughts, laugh at our nonsense, feel loved by our love.

And mostly, we’re so glad you’re here. Settle in because this time, we’re full throttle.



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image (which perfectly captures what we would have looked like if we met as children) courtesy of Andrea Tummons


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