I don’t have a good excuse for why it took me a year and some change to write this post.

Hello there, I’m Jessica, Grace’s counterpart.  I think I was intimidated by Grace’s writing style – sometimes she uses words that I may or may not have to google. This is also why I insisted that she edit this post before it goes live.  Grace, please make me sound more intelligent than I really am.  Kthanksloveyou.

Okay, so, a little about me….
Born and raised in Tampa, Florida, I moved to Tuscaloosa in 2010 to go to college and meet my soulmate (Grace).  Fast forward past skipping too much class and gaining 20 pounds, I graduated with a degree in Human Environmental Sciences (also known as the easiest degree to achieve) and could not find a job to save my life.  I was waiting tables and debating whether or not to apply to grad school (I didn’t), when my mom suggested I move back to Tampa, get my shit together and work for her.  She owns a turn-key communications firm that specializes in government work.  There’s way more to what the company does, but I would only confuse you (visit our website – www.qcausa.com).  In December, after a year of handling the company’s Corporate Communications division, I moved to Panama City Beach as Area Manager and Public Information Specialist.  Since moving to Panama City Beach, I’ve probably spent a total of 10 nights there.

So, yeah, that’s about it.  Oh, and I have eight brothers and sisters, a black lab named Addie and a boyfriend who tells me I should eat less.

I’m going to help Grace help you how to learn your twenties.

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