July Challenge: Instagram Post a Day

Happy July and welcome to our first ever monthly challenge!

On the first of every month, we’ll be issuing ourselves a self-improvement challenge.

July’s challenge is an Instagram post a day.


There are tons of ways to combat social media envy, like cleanses or blackouts or simple restriction. They force you to leave Facebook, delete Instagram, and just get more comfortable in your own skin without the constant need to compare yourself to everyone else’s highlight reel.

But a social media cleanse, as helpful as it may be, doesn’t address another common problem related to social media: fear of taking up space.

I tend to hesitate when it comes to posting on social media for the same reason that I hesitate over speaking out or stepping up in general. I hesitate to raise my hand in class, or introduce myself to a new person, or ask a Starbucks barista to remake a messed-up order. I’ve got thisirrational fear that my thoughts, feelings, and existence might infringe too much on someone else’s time or, in this case, their Instagram feed.

But here’s the thing – it’s your feed, not theirs. Don’t let fear dictate what you do or don’t post.

Posting a picture of your coffee or outfit or cat to Instagram doesn’t just createa snapshot of your life that you can look back on one day.It’s also a way of asserting, even if it’s just to yourself, that you are here,and beautiful,and worthy of taking up space.

This is why, for all of July, Grace and I are going to be posting to Instagram once a day. We’ll betaking up virtual space and having fun in the hashtags, and we’d really love it if you joined us.

If you want to do it on your own, that’s awesome! If you want to help us form a fun community around it, you can use the hashtags #htlyt and #htlytJulyChallenge, or even tag us in some of your photos at @howtolearnyourtwenties so we can see (and feature!) your posts. (You can also follow our personal attempts at @gracewritesstuff and @kimmism101.)

However you do it, remember to have fun. Don’t take it too seriously and don’t worry if you miss a day or three. It’s a challenge, not a blood pact. And most importantly, if anyone tries to make you feel ridic for taking thirty pictures of your brunch… fuck ‘em.


Shine bright like a diamond.” – Rihanna


xo, Kim

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image courtesy of linda xu

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