Kim Curates Your Weekday Youtube Binge

Almost a year ago, I wrote my first HTLYT post about one of my favorite hobbies: showing people random youtube videos. It’s been ten long months since my last curated youtube binge guide, so settle in and grab a fun drink, because I’ve decided we’re overdue for a new one.

If you want to meet one of the most organized women in the world…

Jordan Page is the hyper-organized mom of six who posts videos about budgeting, organizing, and generally keeping your life together with that much responsibility. There’s something oddly soothing about her many, many grocery/meal-planning hack videos (spoilers: you can freeze pretty much anything). A good place to start? Her wild snack and lunch packing system for her kids – it includes a refrigerated drawer.

I don’t want to do this, really, I want it to be done for me. I want snack baskets to pick from. I want freezer sandwiches I can just grab for lunch. Those kids don’t know how good they have it.

If you want someone to take on tiny things that have bothered you on the internet…

Or find out about new things that you didn’t even know were annoying, jump into Kurtis Conner land, where he takes on everything from the absurdity of Buzzfeed quizzes to Christian Mingle: The Movie. Is it the most positive content in the world? No. Is it fun? Very much yes. Will it ruin Noah Centineo for you? Maybe.

Once you’ve realized how basic his tweets are, you can’t un-realize how basic his tweets are.

If you love aesthetically pleasing spaces…

Living Big in a Tiny House is an exploration of tiny homes by the charismatic Bryce, who may or may not still be living in a fancy tent. Although the videos explore trendier tiny homes, there’s a ton of diversity in the videos: everything from a romantic shoe to a two-story cabin in the woods that isn’t murder-y at all. As a brief introduction, here’s his profile of a house boat owned by a mime.

If you want to somehow feel really hungry and way too full at the same time…

Keith of the Try Guys (who used to be a part of BuzzFeed but branched off last year to form their own company) has been on an Eat the Menu kick, which is what it sounds like: he orders everything off the menu at various (mostly) fast food restaurants and tries all of it. It’s impressive and wildly fascinating. Also, now I want Taco Bell.

If you just want some cute sincerity…

Ashley, aka bestdressed, just reached one million subscribers and utterly deserves it. She posts mostly fashion-related content with a very honest take on being an influencer/instagrammer. She also recently ate a million (rounding up by a lot) pieces of cereal to celebrate the one-million-subscriber milestone, but I’ll introduce you to her through one of the first videos I watched: how she takes her instagram photos.

What are your favorite things on Youtube right now? Let me know, because I’m running out of tiny house videos.



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