Lisa Frank for Adults; The Planner Sticker Subculture

Washi tape. Erin Condren. Happy Planner. Vertical vs. horizontal layout. Planner stickers.

These are probably all nonsense words and phrases to you, just like they were to me twenty-four hours ago. That was before I’d been initiated by a friend into the wide, weird world of planner fanatics, a community that is exactly what it sounds like.

13731305_1138994802864477_1705143282557779968_n.jpgImage courtesy of @papergoldmine on Instagram, featuring stickers from @laceandwhimsystudio

It’s an entire subculture, a form of art that mashes together organization, scrapbooking, color palettes, and stickers. People invest in these specific planners (the most lauded seem to be Erin Condren brand planners, often referred to in shorthand as just EC) for around $60 bucks a pop, and then proceed to pour their souls and creativity into decorating each individual week’s spread with all manner of planner accessories.

At the core of it, it’s an organizational tool, since the planners are loaded with helpful plan-aheads like meal planning, to-do lists, grocery lists, and run-of-the-mill appointments. At the heart of it, it’s a craft, a way for these sticker savants to express themselves with a whole new mixed medium.

15876214_784294455051913_3869051559807549440_nAn entirely new hobby, an entirely new way to feel inferior! Image courtesy of @ginamakesit on Instagram

I, personally, am a new addition to this bizarre reality in which adults can spend fifty bucks on stickers and excuse it as an ‘organizational necessity.’ Seeing as I have an addictive personality, I fully expect it to snowball into something egregiously offensive, a habit where I have a monthly ‘sticker budget’ and I lock myself in a room for 45 minutes every Sunday to plan out the week ahead. That might seem like overkill to you because you are still a rational being who is not seduced by the very idea of being able to justify buying stickers at the age of 24.

All I have to say to that is: look up ‘plan with me’ videos on youtube. I would still be a mild case.

2506547148_eb31fdda9c_zHow I’m pretty sure all of these planner enthusiasts started. Same, tho. Image courtesy of tumblr.

This is intended as an introductory piece to a wider series about Grace’s foray into the planner society. It might fail miserably, seeing as she is neither organized nor focused enough to maintain anything for more than 45 minutes at a time, but at least the failure will lend itself to an even better blog post. And thank you, Harmony, for dragging me into this fresh hell. You’re a good friend.



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