October Challenge: Podcast Party

October is uncontestedly the best month of the year – boots are back, sweaters are wrapped around our bodies like hugs, and Halloween is weeks away. We had to come up with a challenge that matched the mood of the month, which is why we’re doing…

Podcast Party!

We’re making it our mission to learn something new this month, and we’re gonna learn it via podcasts. A lot of yall probably already have your favorite podcasts, so to you our challenge is: try something new. If you’re really interested in literature or tend to stick to only historical podcasts, try a science podcast! Or if you obsessively subscribe to murder podcasts, switch it up with an uplifting news podcast. Just break out of your box and vary your listening habits!

Personally, I always forget podcasts exist and tend to listen to music instead. This month, every time I get in the car I’ll be listening to either Sawbones, a podcast about gross, misguided medical practices throughout history, or Mythunderstood, a podcast about Greek mythology. Meanwhile, Kim’s gonna be listening to our girls at #BookSquadGoals talk about contemporary lit, and the experts at Science Vs. talk about what’s real and what’s nonsense.

What podcasts do you listen to? What new ones will you try? Let us know so we can steal them and become experts in those fields!

xoxo, Kim & Grace

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One thought on “October Challenge: Podcast Party

  1. Hi gals!
    My Dad Wrote A Porno is OF COURSE top of my rec list, and is amazing for a proper laugh-out-loud fest. Weekly every Monday with extras on a Thursday but only for a few months per year as it has seasons much like a TV show rather than being constant. There’s three years worth to catch up on though if you’re new!
    Lore is great for interesting folklore stories and are quick 20-30 min episodes every other week. There’s a related podcast by the same guy called Cabinet of Curiosities which is similar but only 10 mins an episode, twice a week.
    Then obv for the murder/true crime fix, I love My Favorite Murder. Once a week on a Monday for the big episodes and then again on Thursdays for shorter minisodes.

    Will def be giving Sawbones and Mythunderstood a go, they are right up my alley!!

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