6 Ways to Prepare for a Great 2019

If you’re too deep in the throes of Christmas anticipation to think about the new year, I get it. Keep watching The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix and admiring Kate Hudson’s weirdly sexy Santa-dad. Bookmark this article and come back to me when you’re ready.

But if you like to get a jump on things early, I’ve got you. Here are some ways you can prepare for the new year.

This Santa can get it.

1. Reflect on all you’ve accomplished in 2018

If you didn’t keep all your resolutions for 2018, don’t be discouraged. Only 20% of people reach their initial goals – that’s less than a quarter.

Instead, focus on everything you did accomplish this year! Did you run that 5k? Did you finish your portfolio? Maybe you lost five stubborn pounds. Or maybe you accomplished something you hadn’t even expected – maybe you got that raise, started that job, took that scary, amazing personal risk.

Whatever you did, you achieved something. You’re a better you than you were last year, and that’s worth some pride.

2. Do something luxe for yourself

Speaking of celebrating, let’s take it a step further. Instead of just mentally patting yourself on the back for surviving 2018, reward yourself for it.Do something you’ve always wanted to do but kept planning to do ‘later.’ Upgrade a regular treat to next-tier relaxation.Are you someone who gets manicures? Go full manipedi. Love going to the movies? Bump up to the swanky seats where they serve you cocktails.Do something self-carey, but make it outright self-indulgent. It’s been an intense year, and you made it to the end in one piece. Treat yoself.

3. Accomplish an old goal

If you haven’t fulfilled your initial 2018 resolutions, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Choose one of your attainable goals and try to hit it.

Don’t worry about losing weight over the holiday season; instead, go for something small and doable, like kicking a soda habit or weaning yourself off tobacco. Even if you can’t finish it, start it now. Don’t wait until January to be the New and Improved you. Get a head start.

4. Make achievable resolutions for 2019

I’ve written about microresolutions before, so I’ll spare you the preaching and instead say this: change happens slowly, and patience is key.

When it comes to preparing for the new year, set moderate goals. Make a sustainable promise to begin slowly changing your life for the better. Don’t shock your system and suddenly go cold turkey.

Instead of saying ‘I’ll stop drinking caffeine,’ say ‘I’ll cut back on my caffeine.’ Reduce your intake by half a cup a day and see how it feels.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Be kind to you.

5. Reconnect With Someone You Miss

I’m not telling you to go call your ex – there’s never a good reason for that. It is a great cosmic joke that I still can’t forget my high school boyfriend’s phone number, and when I drink I think ‘HEY! I bet he wants to hear from ME, his ex from a DECADE ago who is now 15 lbs and 2 kids heavier!’

Me, seconds before creating irreparable damage to my reputation.

But the holidays are a time where most everyone is feeling warm and fuzzy, and people are receptive to sentiment. If you’re missing an old friend or wishing you’d made more of an effort to reach out, go give that person a call. Everyone likes to be seen and missed; you could unwittingly make someone’s holidays.

6. Grab a Hot Drink and Watch The Holiday

There is nothing Jude Law as a tearful widower can’t solve. Take a cue from Cameron Diaz and dance around in your underwear to Mr. Brightside, or pull a Kate Winslet and befriend an adorable old Hollywood composer. Who knows – do both! The world is your oyster. This year is your year. And 2019 will be, too.

How do you prepare for new years? Let us know so I can poach your ideas for next year’s blog post instead of coming up with me own! Xoxo, Grace

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  1. These are great tips! I do know of a group of people, who don’t smoke. They’d get together every years eve smoke a cigar then create a resolution to not smoke. As far as I know they hit the mark every year!

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