Sexism and Tattooed Women


When I’m considering a tattoo, I’m always curious about what certain parts of the body look like when tattooed. I usually try to find photo examples of tattoos on the specific area to see how it looks ‘in action.’ It’s nice, too, when I can see tattoos on girls with similar body types as mine, since I have a better idea of what any hypothetical dream tattoos would look like on me.

Earlier I was trying to find these photos, but Pinterest was only showing tiny tattoos and Reddit was coming up short. So I took to Google, tried and true, and just typed in ‘girls with tattoos,’ hoping that there would be some sort of non-creepy site that archived women with well-done tattoos.

Guess what! There wasn’t!

Unsurprisingly, the first link was a list of the 13 Sexiest Tattooed Instagram Girls, which, while annoying, was also to be expected. It was the second and third links that really got me.

“5 Reasons Why Girls With Tattoos Are Broken”


“What Do Men Really Think of Women Who Have Tattoos?”

The first article is hosted on a site called Return of Kings, which is run by a self-claimed ‘Pick Up Artist’ and a verified misogynist bag o’ dicks. I’m not linking any of these articles since I don’t want to drive any traffic, but the final, thought-provoking line of the article is, “If you’re looking to make a girl wince during anal on the first date, pick the one with a tramp stamp or a tongue piercing. But if you’re looking for a girl you can wife up, go for the ones who haven’t mangled their bodies beyond repair.”

How about ‘if you’re a sexist manchild who expects anal on the first date and cries when you don’t get your way or women do things that offend your paperthin and almost entirely hallucinated masculinity, enjoy your time in the White House please stay away from all of us women because we would turn you down for that first date anyway.’

As for the second article, titled “What Do Men Really Think of Women Who Have Tattoos?”, I can tell you what most tattooed women ‘really think’ of men’s opinions on their tattoos:

They don’t give a fuck.

Happy Wednesday!


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