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There are three things in life that make me dangerously overconfident: looking good, feeling unstoppable, and supporting people I respect. When I come across a business that somehow manages to tie in all three, I lose my shit. It’s the super-saiyan level of hyper-confidence. It’s dangerous and invigorating and I want to share it with you, chiefly because if I say “I am a modern woman, I can have it all!” to Orie one more time, he might serve me with divorce papers.

Spotlight on: Fine & Dandy Co.


I follow a lot of indie businesses on Instagram, half because I want to steal their painstakingly curated aesthetics and finally Be Cool, and half because I am inspired by the art that these geniuses manage to come up with all on their own. Fine & Dandy is one latest to catch my eye, since it wasn’t until recently that I started to really feel empowered by motherhood instead of hindered by it. It might seem melodramatic, but Fine & Dandy had a hand in that.

Their Instagram is relatively new, with the first post only 6 months ago, but already their following has ballooned to over 2.5k. The ‘how’ is clear: they provide quality products in an empowering, awesome way.


Fine & Dandy Co. on Instagram @fineanddandypins

Their newsfeed is consistently littered with pictures of real women proudly wearing Fine & Dandy products that promote inclusiveness, self-love, and confidence. They don’t shy away from the realities of motherhood; most of the photos uploaded feature women of all shapes and sizes, often with toddlers in tow, sometimes breastfeeding, sometimes bottle-feeding, occasionally decorated with tattoos, but always genuine.

This refreshing view of real motherhood is what earned Fine & Dandy my follow. I found them because I’m a closet pin-collector, and their ‘Power to the Women’ pin was my jam. I stuck around because of their message, though didn’t buy anything from Fine & Dandy for awhile.


This lil guy. Power to the Woman pin, $7,

Instead I just lurked, marveling over these gorgeous women proudly wearing their Society of Motherhood shirts and being a part of something so outwardly strong in a particularly brittle time to take pride in femininity. I wanted to be a part of it; I wanted to feel the way their Instagram made me feel – proud, assertive, confident, beautiful – all of the time. I wanted to be a member of the Society of Motherhood.

It wasn’t until last week that I finally bit the bullet and placed my first Fine & Dandy order. Since I’m impulsive, I didn’t just buy one shirt, I bought five: three for me, and two for my preggo friends. I didn’t even care if the quality was crappy anymore, I just wanted in – to the society, to the fold, to this group of badass women who weren’t ashamed to post pictures of themselves breastfeeding on social media. And I wanted to support the company that made me feel so flagrantly and awesomely empowered.


Not just for moms. Women supporting women! Not Your Rival mug, $6,

I can finally tell you, after having received my order, that their crisp marketing on Instagram doesn’t overhype at all. Their stuff is freaking great. The shirts are so soft, the designs are as pictured, and the shipping was quick. There’s nowhere to rate them, which is why I took to my blog to rate in an unnecessarily over-the-top way.

I do not look this cool in my shirt, but I pretend. Society of Motherhood tee, $23,

The company itself is small, consisting of a husband and wife team who process orders, package, and ship products with little outside help. In their own words, these masterminds describe their company as “a lifestyle brand seeking to inspire and motivate the Society of Motherhood.”

As an initially begrudging but now proud member of the Society of Motherhood, I can confidently say that they’ve succeeded. Thanks, Fine & Dandy <3

Fine & Dandy Co is an independent business run by a husband-and-wife duo whose passion is reflected in their products. Their mission is to provide empowering, high-quality products that women – and men! – feel good wearing. Their collection includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, pins, hats, and more.

Disclaimer: All images courtesy of Fine & Dandy Co. This was not a sponsored post. In fact, I reached out to Fine & Dandy making sure it was cool with them for me to gush about them on my blog. They kindly allowed it and did not go ‘who tf are you’ like I’d been expecting.

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