Stuff We Love: Weekly Roundup

Every week, we like to let you guys in on our secret loves from the past seven days. Here’s what we’ve got for y’all this time.

1. My kids’ Halloween candy

I’d like to thank 3 Musketeers in particular for getting me through the past week. You’re my one true love and I’ll never leave you. – Grace

2. These NaNoWriMo word hacks by Tony Pisculli

I’m attempting to do NaNoWriMo this year and, at Grace’s suggestion, I’ve lowered my word count goal considerably to avoid putting crippling pressure on myself. But it’s still hard. These acts have me itching to head back to the keyboard again, and my guilt is assuaged by his parting words:

If you find yourself resorting to these or other hacks, it doesn’t mean you’re failing at NaNo. The opposite, in fact. While it might be nice to effortlessly turn out 1,600 smooth words of prose each day, if you could do that, you wouldn’t need NaNo. The event is designed to push you, to expand your limits. If you never stumble, you haven’t really tested them.

– Kim

3. Michael Buble’s Christmas Album, streamable

Kim doesn’t like celebrating Christmas until after Thanksgiving, but she also really enjoys Netflix’s Sabrina reboot so her tastes are questionable. If you’re like me (see: fun), you want as much Christmas as you can possibly pack in. Michael Buble can help with that. Let him serenade you as he toots onto a wrapped gift. – Grace

4. This blogging/vlogging mom of six that gives you life advice

I do not have six kids. I hope to god I never have six kids. But Jordan Page makes me want to stockpile food in a freezer I don’t have and develop a lunch system that involves neatly organized baskets. On a more practical level, her block calendar system has made me rethink how I spend my time. And although very little of her content is applicable to my life, there’s something both soothing and motivating about how she lives hers. – Kim

5. Strawberry Chapstick, $2.99

I have bad anxiety, which manifests in me tearing away the skin of my lips. One way I’ve found to reduce this is lip balm – it makes my lips all soft and buttery, making it basically impossible to rip them up. I’ve used every brand of lip balm under the sun but my favorite will always be strawberry Chapstick. Especially since as the weather (finally) gets cold in Alabama, my lips get dry. But strawberry Chapstick sets those suckers right. – Grace

6. This gif of a penguin

– Kim

What were your favorite things this week?


Grace & Kim

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