We’re Grace and Kim, and this is our passion project. We want to help millennial women feel heard, seen, and confident through the power of helpful tips, reviews, and articles. It’s basically a cyber version of a high-falutin French salon but with way better hair.

All of our writers are in their mid-20s and don’t yet have a firm grasp on adulthood, but we’re slowly figuring out that neither does anyone else. This is how we’re learning our twenties and sharing our fresh wisdom in the process.

To see an old picture of Grace in a bikini sandwiched between many pictures of her kids crying, follow her on Instagram at @gracewritesstuff. To see Kim’s cute face and watch her evolution in the art of the flatlay, follow her on Instagram at @kimmism101. To kill two birds with one stone, follow them both on Instagram at @howtolearnyourtwenties.

To submit to How To Learn Your Twenties, send us an email! We love your words but can’t pay you a lot because this is the internet and you’re a writer. Welcome to hell.

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