How To Combat Wintertime Dryness

It’s getting colder which means I’m getting scalier.

It was worse when I lived in New England – much worse. But even living in the South, I still suffer from cracked, bleeding knuckles and flaky skin around my mouth. Sexy, right? 

Here are some products and habits I’ve discovered to combat my personal wintery skin hell.

Sympathy for the Skin body lotion, $29.95 for 8.4 oz, LUSH 

I received a little sample of this stuff in a Christmas gift order this year and holy shit was it a game changer. This stuff smells like oatmeal and bananas and makes my hands feel softer than my five-year-old daughter’s, which is great since my goal is to outperform her whenever possible.

Me as a mother.

The only negative is that it’s Lush, so it’s pricey. At $29.95 for a little over 8 ounces, I want this stuff to not only moisturize my skin but to clear my pores and pay my student loans. Needless to say, it did neither.  But on the plus side, if you’re gonna pay shipping for bath bombs, you might as well bite the bullet and toss in a pot of this magical goo too!

Hand Food, $5.99 for 4.2 oz, Soap & Glory

Even though I loved my Lush sample, it’s December and I don’t have Lush money. So I began searching for a cheaper alternative. The Internet suggested the Soap & Glory line, which is ‘kind to sensitive skin.’ This was great news for me since most scented lotions cause little itchy bumps to erupt all over my skin – I’m lookin’ at you, Bath and Body Works. 

Me, covered from ankle to thigh in suffering.

I decided to give Soap & Glory a try since the price point was reasonable enough to where if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t feel like it was a huge waste.

Thankfully I love it – I use it every night now, to the point where I went back and grabbed the foot cream in an effort to have softer feet than Lucy. And I smell amazing.

Unscented Lotion, $16.99 for 16 oz, Cerave

This stuff is less fun than the other two options but it’s a workhorse and it’s affordable. I used Cerave when I was living in Maine and parts of my face were sloughing off on the regular. My coworker Pand took pity on me and clued me in, since this stuff works great for even the most sensitive skin. If this can put moisture back into my face during even the harsh northern winter, it can definitely dry your ashy elbows.

It’s the Windex of moisturizers. 

Limit shower or bath times

love taking baths. There are few things are relaxing to me than the fill-up process of a bath, where I recline in a tub and stick my feet under way-too-hot water while I watch SNL reruns. 

Unfortunately, this is also incredibly drying for my skin. It might feel counter intuitive, but prolonged exposure to water can actually dry you out, especially hot water. Skip the bubble bath and go for a bath oil; bubble bath can hurt your skin, but bath oil can replenish it.

Grab a humidifier

I know, I know – humidifiers are for babies and people with dramatic breathing problems. I thought so, too. But we got a tiny little humidifier for our house in New England and it was a game changer. Consider grabbing one if you’re having trouble sleeping due to dryness in the air, scratching in your throat, or just extremely dry skin.

What ways do you combat dry skin? Let me know. I’m flaking away. Xoxo, Grace


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